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What do we do?

This program was formally established in 2017 to promote the pedagogical proposal of service-learning in the Peruvian educational system. We have supported this development through face-to-face and online teacher-training activities, granting scholarships to International Service-Learning Conferences in Argentina and developing pedagogical materials specifically for Peru.

We have worked in coordination with the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University, the Universidad del Pacífico, the César Vallejo University, the URSULA Network and schools of the International Federation Fe y Alegría. Together with these institutions, we have organized—in 2017, 2018 and 2019—the National Conference on Service-Learning (JONASS). Since 2019, we have been working in coordination with the Horizontes-UNESCO Programme for rural secondary schools. In 2020 we have started a series of training actions in alliance with the Education and Sports Office of the Municipality of Lima and with the Metropolitan Volunteering.



UARM: Business consulting office

UARM: Business consulting office

Since 2013, students from the professional school of Industrial Engineering of the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University (UARM), in coordination with the financial company MiBanco, work to strengthen the capacities of small business in topics related to improving the productivity of their undertakings.

Fourth-year students carry out a diagnosis of the company's processes, present proposals to improve working methods and implement technological tools, social networks, database, etc., and track and improve productivity and production capacity. They have also included training talks, such as a) digital transformation in companies, b) productivity improvement, c) Workshop on working remotely.

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM):  Inhaling, exhaling and improving

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM): Inhaling, exhaling and improving

In the context of the University Extension and Social Projection course of the UNMSM Professional School of Medical Technology, during the 2020 academic year, the service-learning approach was applied to develop University Social Responsibility projects linked to the SDGs.

One of the most prominent projects was "Inhaling, exhaling and improving", which consisted of a Physiotherapeutic Programme to improve physical-functional capacity in post-COVID-19 patients. Students in their last year of the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation areas planned an online rehabilitation course for the San Marcos community members and their families. In this practice, the students were able to integrate what they have learned in eight curricular areas of their course.

Access the programme presentation here

No. 69 School

No. 69 School "Fe y Alegría": Project SODICASA

No. 69 School "Fe y Alegría," Cutervo, Cajamarca. 

The 5th-year students in secondary level put into practice a method to make water drinkable in the Niño Dios neighbourhood of Cutervo city, which—according to microbiological analyses carried out by the Health Directorate—contains colonies of total and faecal coliforms that affect the community health.

To this end, they manufactured a technological prototype of calamine, practically free of charge, to place pet bottles with water in the sun. Under the area's high and extremely high ultraviolet solar radiation, 100% of total and faecal coliforms are eliminated. This way, there is no need to boil the water, so that the device also contributes to the family economy since less gas, firewood or bleach is used (and therefore, reducing damage to the environment).

For more info about this project, click here

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